Schedule 18: Statement of assets & liabilities

Schedule 18 is required in the event you accured any assets or liabilities during the current assessment year.

Assets and Liabilities are grouped into the following:


  1. Asses & Liabilities
    1. Business & Farming:
      Supply detailed list of all fixed properties (Description, location and cost of each property)
    2. Private
      Supply list of all private (you and your family) assets and liabilities worldwide, including description, location and cost of each fixed property. Reflect the following items at an estimated purchase value:
      1. Household furniture, appliances and effects;
      2. Clothing and personal effects;
      3. Other items (e.g. power and garden tools, cameras, computers, painting and other pieces of art, stamp and other collections, etc.)
  2. Assets & Liabilities
    Foreign Business (outside Namibia) – Please supply full details – descriptions and amounts.