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Foreign investors looking at setting up business in Namibia need to consider several factors.

Factors which include, but are not limited to, inter alia the Namibian Tax System, immigration requirements for individuals, exchange control regulations for introducing money into Namibia and repatriating funds.

Exchange Control Considerations

All remittances of dividends, interest, royalties, etc. to countries outside the Rand Common Monetary Area (CMA) are subject to exchange control regulations in Namibia. The CMS comprises Namibia, South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland.

Namibia's immigration requirements

Any person entering Namibia to either stay here or work here or conduct some form of business in Namibia is required to have a valid employment permit or visa. Find out more on the Department of Immigration Control and Citizenship

Related Tax Types

Income Tax

Namibia has adopted a Self-Assessment System. Under this system all taxpayers are required to compute their taxable income and file tax returns by the due date on an annual basis. Income received from selling farm animals and game, leasing land for g

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What is Gross Income?

Who is classified as a taxpayer representative?

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Transfer Pricing

Transfer pricing refers to the setting, analysis, documentation and adjustment of cross border charges between related parties for goods, services, or use of property (including intangible property). It should be noted that Transfer Pricing is a high