Training Need Analysis for Customs Clearing Agents

The Namibia Revenue Agency (NamRA) is conducting the Training Need Analysis as from 07 – 18 June 2021. The purpose of this exercise is to enable NamRA develop a Customs Clearing Agent Guidebook and to provide training in Customs related matters. Hence, NamRA is requesting the management of Clearing Agent Companies to ensure that all employees who are responsible for Customs clearance process participate in this very important survey. 

Customs Clearing Agents serves as a link between traders (importers and exporters) and the Customs administration to ensure that paperwork and shipment is processed lawfully, timely and properly. Customs Clearing Agents are not only key stakeholders in that they are responsible for clearance of goods, liable for payment of duties and taxes on behalf of importers and exporters, but they are  also key role-players in helping the facilitation of trade and compliance.

Customs Clearing Agents must have the necessary knowledge in customs related matters; thus, this survey will assist NamRA to assess the areas where Clearing Agents have limited knowledge, and strive for effective training delivery to meet these needs. 

Training Need Anaysis For Customs Clearing Agents