ITAS - Online Registration & Submissions

Following the Ministry of Finance announcement on 10th December 2018, regarding the new ITAS System readiness for online registration and submission.

We wish to thank the public for the enthusiasm showed about ITAS, in such a short period. However due to the required processes in preparation for final Data Migration from Tax-Live to ITAS.

We humbly request for the Public’s patience during the Downtime Period in order to allow unhindered preparations. Consequentially, we thus wish to inform our clients that the online registration for all taxpayers on ITAS, will only commence after the System Go-LIVE from 17 January 2018, as scheduled.

Any Changes to the above date for Portal Registration will be communicated to you in advance if warranted.

To ensure smooth process of Portal Registration on ITAS. We urge all Taxpayers to update and verify the correctness of their registration information on the current tax system (Tax-Live) at your nearest Inland Revenue Office.

The information to be updated and verified includes, but not limited to:

For any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact our ITAS Call Centre at +264 61 289 4000 or visit our nearest Inland Revenue Regional Office.